In which I coin a new writing malady: Plotter's Disease, a related affliction to Worldbuilder's Disease, then find a silver lining to my current sickness in a poll for you on which plots I should write! Plus a new chapter of the Dragon Bard serial. 

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Troll title--actually talking about the slightly-less classic topic of whether it's better to read the books or watch the movie/series first. I used to be agnostic, but a couple series lately have changed my mind... for Reasons. 

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In which I reveal the (fairly confusing) results of last episode's title poll, read a teaser for another chapter in our Dragon Bard serial, and try to throw fifty bucks at you. 

No, really. But it's for a good cause. 

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In which I announce that the boxed set of all four audiobooks in the Empire of Resonance series IS A MERE 7.50 USD at the moment when you scoop the ebook set for 99c—get that deal here!


Also, a poll on what to call the third book in the Tidecaller Chronicles (now that there are four, not three!), and a new chapter of our ongoing Dragon Bard serial. Find them here:

Poll: https://forms.gle/49A5oeT1r7pse21i6

Chapter: https://www.levijacobs.com/dragon-bard-chapter-eight.html

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In which I discover that I was wrong about a fundamental way I write (which is good), and find new meaning in the mess of charts and half-written documents I call my planning phase. 

In case you've found such new meaning: hello@levijacobs.com

Also, the teaser for a new chapter in our Dragon Bard serial--read the whole thing here: https://www.levijacobs.com/dragon-bard.html

And, as ever, a free audiobook for you: https://www.levijacobs.com/free

In which we discuss Laura's upcoming work and generally destroy the universe with awesomeness. For more information on Laura, please go to https://www.lauravab.com


For a free audiobook, please visit http://www.levijacobs.com/free

In which I divulge the insight that tortured and eluded me through a month of trying to outline Tidecaller 3, Queen of Blood and Blasphemy, and also give you a sneak peak of the sixth chapter in our ongoing serial, provisionally titled Dragon Bard. You can read the full chapter (and serial) at http://www.levijacobs.com/dragon-bard

And as if that wasn't enough, I've got a couple free things for you, like a whole audiobook! Have a peek: http://www.levijacobs.com/free


In today's episode, I get covid, get better (spoilers), and learn some lessons from it. Makina Stalksong, on the other hand, gets herself into a mess of much larger proportions than she was expecting in this installment of the Dragon Bard serial. Read the full text at http://www.levijacobs.com/dragon-bard

And for a free audiobook of mine, visit http://www.levijacobs.com/free

Stay safe out there! And buy some damn covid tests if you haven't. For those in the US: https://www.walmart.com/ip/BinaxNOW-COVID-19-Antigen-Self-Test-2-Count/142089281


Also, another chapter (or a teaser at least--read the full text at http://www.levijacobs.com/dragon-bard) of the Dragon Bard serial, plus some thoughts on why a show that starts with 22 minutes of a misogynist, racist loser, has been continued now for four seasons. I'm talking, of course, about Johnny Lawrence of Cobra Kai

For a free audiobook, click over to http://www.levijacobs.com/free


Not our usual podcast, but I just had way too many thoughts on this book not to share them. If you're interesting in writing or what makes good stories (and have read The Gathering Storm), I hope you find this interesting. In this podcast: 

--How Sanderson took the chaos of Jordan's last few books and imposed order
--How and why that order is dang Satisfying to read
--What lessons we can draw from it about the bones of good storytelling
--Where it seems Sanderson may have eliminated elements of Jordan's series that he just couldn't work with, and why, and
--The few places where this book didn't work for me, and why. 

Also, LOTS OF SPOILERS. Consider yourself warned. 

I learned a lot from thinking through this book (that I first just enjoyed reading), and hope these distilled thoughts help you some too. I know they'll be shaping the next stories I write. 

Oh, and for a few (audiobook) one of those, go to http://www.levijacobs.com/free

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